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Cookies Policy

Kartingmagaluf.com uses cookies to improve user experience, facilitating browsing through the website. Everything possible is being done to facilitate the use of cookies, as well as their management and control when using our services.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored in the internet user device when visiting a website. It is the website operator who determines the type of information each cookie contains and its purpose. It may also be used by the web server each time the website is visited. Cookies are used to save time and make the web browsing experience much more efficient. Nevertheless, they can be used with diverse purposes which go from remembering log in information or that contained in the purchase order.

There is a large amount of guides in which cookies are explained, and what they are used for. How these cookies affect the Kartingmagaluf.com website will be explained by us, but if more information is needed on the subject, take a look at these sites:


How does Kartingmagaluf.com use cookies?

Kartingmagaluf.com will only use cookies allowed by the user. The user may control the cookies through their browser. More information may be found below. Some already existing guides have been used to classify cookies which are used, into several groups:

Performance Cookies
Functional Cookies
Marketing Cookies

More information on each of these types of cookies may be found below.

1. Performance Cookies

They are cookies which collect information about how the website is used (for example, sites visited or if any errors occur) and also help Webempresa.com to locate and solve website problems. All information gathered in them is totally anonymous and helps to understand how the site functions, performing the suitable improvements to facilitate navigation.

These cookies will allow:

Site navigation and Kartingmagaluf.com to collect information on how the user uses the website, thus understanding the site's usability, and helping to implement necessary improvements. These cookies will not collect any information on the user which might be used for marketing purposes, or information on preferences (such as user data) beyond this specific purpose.

2. Functional Cookies

The aim of these cookies is none other than to improve the Webempresa.com user experience. The use of these cookies may be rejected at any moment. Kartingmagaluf.com uses these cookies to remember specific configuration parameters or to provide specific services or messages which may improve user experience in the site. For example, remembering the country or language which the user has selected when visiting sites, and are not used for marketing purposes.

These cookies will allow:

To remember log in data as a customer returning to the site.

These cookies will not collect any information on the user which might be used for marketing purposes, or information on preferences (such as user data) beyond this specific purpose.

3. Marketing Cookies

These cookies are managed by third parties. These parties' tools may be used to restrict the use of these cookies. Some of the cookies are used to link to other websites which provide specific services to Kartingmagaluf.com, as is the case of Facebook, Twitter or Google. Some of these cookies will modify other websites' advertisements to adapt them to user preference.

These cookies will allow:

Link to social networks

Passing information on visits to the Kartingmagaluf.com website to adapt advertisements on other sites.

In addition to accepting or rejecting the use of specific cookies through the Kartingmagaluf.com website, they may also be managed through browser configuration. The following is an informative source on how to perform the procedure:


Only preference cookies will be read or written. Those which have been installed prior to modifying the configuration will remain in the user's computer and may be deleted using browser configuration options.

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